21" Dry Wood Blade

21" Dry Wood Blade


- 21" blade length

- Fine tooth pattern

- Hardened Tips

- Made in Sweden


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Dry Seasoned Wood Blade

A medium toothed blade providing a smooth and effective cut. The wider gullet, between sets of teeth, removes wood particles from the notch area when cutting dry seasoned wood. The blades are coated with a rust inhibitor and points are hard tempered for longevity.

Blade Change

1. Use any sturdy flat edge to remove c-clip

2. Slide the grooved pin out and remove the blade

3. Place new blade inside the frame and slide the grooved pin back through the outside hol

4. Use flat edge to snap the c-clip back over the grooved pin

5. Follow same instructions for the other end of the blade

21" Dry Wood Blade


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21 in.

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