CRKT Wood Nobo 19″ Tomahawk Axes Tennessee Hickory


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Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical designed the CRKT Woods Nobo Tomahawk to make life easier when living off the grind. This traditionally modeled camp Axes is outfitted with a Tennessee hickory handle and a hot-forged blade made from tough 1055 high carbon steel. Ryan designed the Woods Nobo with modern engineering expertise and centuries old tool and weapon concepts. This new line of CRKT tomahawks is made more for battling the wilderness, than self defense, with a rock solid head of hammer finished steel. Flat ground primary and secondary bevels are designed to cut through timber with Beaver-like precision. Whether building a log fire or a log cabin, the CRKT Woods Nobo has the heft to manage it all.


  • 1055 high carbon steel offers a tough Axes head with an extremely durable edge.
  • Flat ground primary and secondary edge bevels for wood chopping precision.
  • Tennessee hickory wood handle provides a solid and secure grip.


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