Chris Reeve Knive | Small Sebenza 31 Swirls – Unique Graphic – Drop Point


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The idea behind the Sebenza has never wavered: to craft the best pocket knife in the world. Premium materials, paired with pristine finishes, and a bank-vault lock-up— all within an incredibly light, precision-made tool. That commitment continues with the new Sebenza 31 with a Ceramic Ball Interface. Like the very first Sebenza, it delivers the same warm “click” and heirloom quality produced from aerospace tolerances. The Sebenza 31 brings finer details to already fine knife — and another steady, reliable step forward.

Unique Graphics are abstract. They’re “drawn” freehand on a milling machine, so every knife is a one-off piece of art that cannot be exactly replicated. With that said, Chris Reeve can re-create pieces similar to past designs, with a choice of cabochons and anodized titanium. Artwork decisions are ultimately governed by their in-house artist. All models are available with a dedicated left or right-handed orientation.



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