Council Tool 2 Lb. Velvicut Hudson Bay Axes 24″


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The Council Tool Velvicut® Hudson Bay Axe with 24″ handle is the ideal shape and size for camping, hunting, trail clearing and general survival or bushcraft. Not too heavy or long to carry and just the right size for building shelter, clearing a trail, making kindling and feeding the campfire. Crafted from 5160 alloy steel, heads are drop-forged at around 2000° Fahrenheit, producing refined grain flow in the steel of the head and greatly enhancing strength. Proper heat treating, shot blasting the heads, touching with different abrasives, joining American hickory handle to head and sharpening all come together to create the Velvicut® Axe. Each is a unique work of art and the best Council can make. Premium leather sheath included.

Overall weight: 2.75 lbs.
Head weight:
2 lbs.
5160 American Steel with 24″American hickory handle


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