Hults Bruk Kalix 27.75" Felling Axe, Hickory Wood Handle, Leather Sheath - H840102


The Hults Bruk "Kalix" is a compact felling axe intended for bringing down or cutting up small to medium sized trees. This item has a head weight of 2.25 lbs. and a length of 27.75". The head is the product of blasted and clear lacquered ironwork and the curved shaft is made of US-sourced hickory. That handle is treated with linseed oil. Each axe comes with a traditional leather protective sheath that is embellished with some unique Swedish decorative element.

Note: Hults Bruk Axes do not come sharpened very well. We can properly sharpen at no additional cost. To request this, enter a note in the comments box at checkout. 


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