FSS Forest Service Project Axe


This is a great project for an axe enthusiast.   With the FSS axes sold out and none on the horizon,  we scoured the back for the axes we have set aside over the span of 3 years  These axe heads are new but had their original handle removed by us for QC reasons.   Issues were handle only, things like warp, uneven hang, or shipping damage (They come from CT loosely packed 6 to a box with no packing material.)  We removed the old handle and are providing a new grade A handle, the same as used on Premium Council Tool models.   Comes with a wooden wedge and flat metal wedge, rather then the original FSS plastic wedge.  Handle needs no work to fit the head.  But fit can be improved if you you choose to.  Sanding on the neck will give a nicer finished appearance.  

Sheath sold separately.


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The Forest Service axe, sometimes referred to as the "FSS", is a higher-standard axe than Council Tool's normal production. These axes are more precisely heat rated and a higher grade of handle than the standard product axes. Made in the USA in a factory that has been in operation for over 100 years.



3.25 lb.
27. in.
Head Weight
2.25 lb.

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