Omaha Knife provides professional sharpening services for knives, scissors and a few other things.
Typical turnaround is 24 hours or less. Our sharpening looks like factory work and is at least as sharp as new.  
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Knife $5.00
Scissors $8.00
Machete $10.00
Sword $20.00
Hair Shears $35.00*
Axe varies*
Hair Shears have particular details that must be done precisely to cut well. We use a machine specifically for shears. 
We do NOT sharpen axes unless bought new from us. (Due to time)
We do NOT sharpen chainsaws or lawn mower blades.

Sharpening Wisdom:
Some knives can be sharpened some cannot.
Drag through knife sharpeners do more damage than good.
The following pictures demonstrate some corrective tip and sharpening work done by our Professional knife sharpener.