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  • Medford | Slim Midi...


    Sporting a .125” thick S35VN blade and 1/8” thick Ti handle & spring, proving to be one of our most pocket friendly EDC knives. Being known for making knives that are more for tactical, adventure and military use, knives such as these open up a whole new market segment for us – the business class. These are customers who want to carry a Medford in their dress slacks, lingerie, holster or a purse, but when deployed at almost 8” have the Medford familiarity. These are true EDC knives that don’t “get in the way.”

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  • Medford | Praetorian Swift...


    Medford's first-ever automatic knife. Greg Medford's twist on America’s most notorious folder. Informed by our best-selling Praetorian line, the Swift has an unapologetic pedigree. This offering comes in OD Green, 6061 AI handles with type III class 2 hard ano, CPM S35VN tumbled tanto blade, Ti pivot screws, Ti hardware and Ti clip with stainless assembly screws. This is pocket friendly and now available to everyone.  Expect an industry leading action with no side, radial or axial play in the deployed position. This is not just another “aluminum handled auto knife” but rather a whole new level of detail and performance for this genre knife. Great pains and hand-work is taken to hand fit and finish each bearing action.

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  • Medford | Praetorian T,...


    Elite Emperors Praetorian Guards were elite men chosen from the Legions of Rome to serve as personal protectors of the Emperor. The MKT Praetorian T is just such a knife. This awesome design is topped only by the strength of the materials from which its made. .190 blade thickness, .125 thick solid Titanium frames and .250 pivots and hardware make this a knife like no other. Beautiful form and function, unsurpassed reliability and 2000 years from now archeologists will be amazed by the hand tools we once crafted.

    All Praetorian variants come with a D2, NP3 coated tempered-glass breaking pommel.

    This Praetorian T comes outfitted with S35VN Blade steel, tumbled blade finish, drop point grind, ANO Bronze handle, ANO bronze spring, and standard hardware.

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  • Medford | Chunky Monkey,...


    MKT’s latest offering blurs the line between Sheep’s Foot, Wharncliffe, and Cleaver.  At 2.3″ this might well be the world’s “biggest” little flipper knife. So, for you city slickers and open-minded Americans who maintain friendships with all types, this knife will deliver poise without scaring your bunny rabbit friends too badly.

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  • Medford | 187DP, D2, PVD...


    The 187 series of folders, named for the 3/16ths inch stock used throughout, is MKTs lower price-point offering for those absolute knife Pigs who want more than 1 MKT folder. If you are saving for the ultimate custom MKT blade or holding out for the Praetorian Ti, then we have something to tide you over. For the rest of us (who want to remain married) this series gets a man a hand-made American knife with rugged uniqueness that is truly American…every blade is absolutely unique. To maintain this amazing price-point we offer the 4 folders in this line as pictured only. There are no customization options. G-10 187s ONLY AVAILABLE IN PVD COATED D2 STEEL WITH TUMBLED TITANIUM LOCKING SIDE

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  • Medford | Micro Praetorian...


    2/3 the size of the standard sized Praetorian T, this chunky knife offers the same blade and scale thickness as its larger counterpart. You can slip this beefy little monster into smaller pockets, with the same nasty grip and punch of its big brother. So, if youre looking for a smaller version of the Praetorian T you already own, or just want a smaller chunky folder, this knife is definitely for you!!

    This Medford Micro  Praetorian T comes outfitted with S35VN Blade steel, Tumbled blade finish, drop point grind, Flamed handle, ANO Blue Spring, Standard Hardware, Standard Clip, NP3 Breaker.

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  • Medford | Praetorian Scout...


    The knife design that put Medford Knife & Tool on the map has grown up…so to speak. This newest addition to the Praetorian line up is a wicked departure from our typical design approach as it is our first liner-lock style knife. The liner is 6Al4V Titanium and the G10 scales make for a much more efficient build and lighter chassis for our standard Praetorian Tanto blade. Everything about this knife should seem familiar to the MKT customer and no corner has been cut to bring this beast of a knife to you. 

    This Medford Praetorian Scout M/P comes outfitted with D2 Blade steel, PVD blade finish, Tanto grind, OD Green G-10 handle, PVD Hardware, PVD Clip, PVD Breaker.

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  • Medford | TFF-1, S35VN,...


    The TFF-1 is the ultimate ambidextrous tactical folder. This knife was developed for military & law enforcement personnel. This design circumvents fixed-blade restrictions and accommodates tactical operators looking for a space-saving knife carry option. This blade is meant to augment or replace a fixed blade and is built for hard use.

    This Medford TFF-1 comes outfitted with S35VN Blade steel, Tumbled blade finish, standard grind, Face & Flamed handle, Tumbled Spring, Standard Hardware, Faced & Flamed Clip.

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  • Medford | Praetorian...


    This is the ORIGINAL Praetorian design size. The Knife was made in its current full size as a printing fluke as a novelty! Who knew it would take the knife world by storm? This was the predetermined size of the design. The Praetorian Genesis is for that “This one is too big, this one is too small” knife nut. The Praetorian Genesis is that middle ground that looks as bad-ass as ever and wont spook Democrats in your presence but is still large enough for nearly anything.

    This Medford  Praetorian Genesis T comes outfitted with S35VN Blade steel, PVD blade finish, drop point grind, Ano Blue handle, PVD Spring, Standard Hardware, Standard Clip PVD Breaker.

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  • Medford | On Belay, D2,...


    As the lines of this design came together, the prominent slotted back strap just screamed Mountain Climbing Gear and with Greg having spent some time hanging on a rope rappelling, the On Belay was born. The false edged drop-point blade is a beast and ready for whatever you have to offer. The thumb opening slot on the blade keeps the part-count down and besides the knife flips like it’s on ball bearings.

    This Medford On Belay comes outfitted with D2 Blade steel, Tumbled blade finish, standard grind, Flamed handle, Bronze Anodized Sprint, Standard Hardware, Flamed Clip, NP3 Breaker.

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  • Medford | Infraction,...


    When was the last time you broke the law? Maybe it is time for an Infraction of your own.

    For those of you that find a full-sized pocket knife a bit cumbersome, we developed this rocket ship just for you. As the smallest and lightest knife we have ever made, we think you will find this the ultimate in easy everyday carry.

    This Medford Infraction comes outfitted with S35VN Blade steel, PVD blade finish, standard grind, PVD handle, PVD Spring, PVD Hardware, PVD Clip, PVD Breaker.

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  • Medford | Smooth Criminal,...


    Smooth Criminal™…Medford's first aluminum chassis, hard-anodized, button lock knife with a S35VN blade retailing for under $300; a game-changing price point for us. All of this, while still upholding our high standards: 100% American made with all the Medford Knife & Tool attributes you’ve come to expect.

    This Medford Smooth Criminal S35VN Blade, Tumbled Finish, standard Grind, aluminum Black handles, PVD hardward, PVD clip, PVD breaker.

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