List of products by brand Cold Steel

  • Cold Steel Axe Gang Hatchet


    The classic Chinese hatchet has appeared in countless Kung Fu movies over the years! Cold Steel's interpretation of this classic blade, the Axe Gang Hatchet is no mere movie prop! It features a differentially heat treated, drop-forged head - which has a hard edge capable of reaching razor sharpness, but a soft steel body for absorbing impact.

    Sheath sold separately.

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  • Cold Steel Frontier Hawk


    Suitable for re-enactors from any period stretching from the French and Indian War clear up to the final settling of the West in the late 1800’s, Cold Steel's Frontier Hawk is a joy to use! It’s as light as some camp hatchets, but its design allows for a vast amount of cutting potential!

    Sheath sold separately.

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  • Cold Steel Pipe Hawk


    Precision forged from 1055 carbon steel, Cold Steel’s Pipe Hawk offers a long, wide cutting edge and a solid, fully hardened hammer poll that’s turned and ribbed to mimic a traditional hollow pipe bowl.

    It’s fitted with a 22" hickory handle and is heavy enough to be effective as a chopping tool, plus, its solid bowl will drive nails, spikes and stakes with the power of a framing hammer.

    Sheath sold separately.

  • Cold Steel Trail Hawk


    Modeled after an early frontier pattern, the Cold Steel Trail Hawk has proven to be incredibly popular with Survivalists, Preppers and Outdoorsmen, who admire its versatility and durability.

    It’s an excellent chopping tool and has a functional hammer poll with a hardened face so you can drive nails and hammer in stakes. Best of all its extremely lightweight and a cinch to tuck it under your belt or lash it to a pack or shooting bag.

    Sheath sold separately.

  • Frontier Hawk Sheath


    Replacement, Cor-Ex sheath for a Frontier Hawk.

  • Spike Hawk Leather Sheath


    Replacement, Leather sheath for a Spike Hawk.

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  • Tomahawk 22" Replacement...


    Will fit any of the 22" Cold Steel Tomahawks.

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  • Trail Hawk Sheath


    Replacement, Cor-Ex sheath for a Trail Hawk.