• Wildlife Hatchet 415


    Length with Handle: 13.5"

    Weight: 1.3 lb.

    Sheath Included

  • Small Forest Axe 420


    Length with Handle: 19”

    Weight: 2 lb.

    Sheath Included

  • Mini Hatchet 410


    Length with Handle: 10"

    Weight: 0.7 lb

    Sheath Included

    Out of stock
  • Splitting Maul 450


    Length with Handle: 31.5"

    Weight: 7 lb.

    Sheath Included

  • Hand Hatchet 413


    Length with Handle: 9.5"

    Weight: 1.3 lb.

    Sheath Included

  • Outdoor Axe 425


    Length with Handle: 14.5”

    Weight: 1 lb

    Sheath Included

  • Velvicut Hudson Bay Axe 2...


    2 lb. Hudson Bay axe head outfitted with an 28″ curved hickory handle and furnished with a sheath:

    This is a two-handed camp axe with forged tool steel head, used for light splitting, chopping, driving tent pegs, etc. Hand sharpened, tapered bit for cutting and light splitting.

    Durable sheath with snap and belt slit is included.

  • Velvicut Bad Boys Axe


    Modeled after the well-known “Boy’s Axe” of the US Forest Service

    This beauty takes improved performance one step further. Like the Velvicut® Hudson Bay, the axe is pierced with a special punch forming ribs horizontally and vertically inside the eye. Council Tool's unique upsetting technique creates more contact area and “bite” between the head to handle joint. The result? A stronger, more durable tool.

    Sheath Included.

  • Velvicut American Felling Axe


    This 4 lb. heirloom, the American Felling Axe, was produced by Council Tool's most experienced artisans.

    The Dayton pattern is a timeless shape and much preferred by skilled woodsmen for a full-sized felling axe. After the head is forged, much care is taken in the finishing process. The axe head is rough ground in a robotic work cell and then sharpened by an experienced craftsman using increasingly fine abrasives and then finished with leather stropping.  A sharp axe is a safe axe as it is less likely to glance out of the cut. Be assured that this axe has been hand-honed razor sharp by our skilled craftsmen.

    Sheath Included.

  • Velvicut Saddle Axe


    The New Saddle Axe from Council Tool Co. is a traditional Velvicut® Premium US Made Axe pattern. Drop forged from 5160 steel, known for its superior characteristics and blade retention.  

    Left Blade: 25° flat grind ideal for cutting, shaving, and carving.

    Right Blade: 32° flat grind ideal for notching, splitting, and heavier jobs.

    Double Bit Leather Sheath Included

  • Woodcraft Pack Axe w/ 24"...


    Wood-Craft Pack Axe, 24″ Curved Handle, with a high quality Leather Mask:  

    The Council Tool Co.’s WOOD-CRAFT  Pack Axe design is intended to produce a multi-functional premium axe which can successfully cut, chop, split, carve, shave, hew, hammer, aid in fire starting, and other key WOOD-CRAFT and outdoor activities. 

    Mask Included


  • Velvicut Hudson Bay Belt...


    The Velvicut Hudson Bay Belt Hatchet comes in two configurations:

    Full Sheath: A bridle leather full sheath featuring a belt slit and D-ring for secure fastening.  

    Leather Mask: A bridle leather snap on mask. Both, the premium leather mask & the premium full sheath, protects the tool and user with the Council Tool embossed logo.