Council Tool Forest Service Axe


FFS Forest service specification axe by Council Tool.  Probably the best all around value in a true working axe. 100% American made 

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Data sheet

Weight 3.25 lbs.
Head Weight 2.25 lbs.
Handle Length 28" (slightly shorted finished length)

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The FSS axe is specified by the US forest service and ordered by government agencies like the forest service and Military.  These axes have an upgraded handle.  The have the same grade handle as Council Tools velvicut series, but are not marked Velvicut.  

These axes will require additional sharpening for best performance.

Sheath is optional
Price for standard sheath: $16.00
Price for Velvicut (full-cover) sheath: $29.95

We recommend using Axe Wax on your handle, which you can find here.