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Duracell CEF23 Mobile Charger


This is the best AA & AAA charger available for under $50. It is a discontinued product and limited to current inventory. 

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This unit has 4 charge circuits so charges each battery separately, so will charge 1,2,3, or 4 batteries at a time. Commonly called a smart charger, it has Delta V monitoring so charges each battery to correct full charge then stops charging that one. Most AA chargers sold in stores today run a blind 8 hour charge which severely shortens the life of your batteries. 

Batteries labeled "pre-charged" are the latest technology and are the only AA batteries worth using. Eneloop is the finest of these and the innovator of the technology. Duracell Pre-charged that are made in Japan are made by Eneloop (Sanyo). But most of the Chinese made Duracell, Ray-O-Vac etc batteries are still pretty decent if they are "pre-charged". The key feature is that these hold a full charge when not in use.